Greece in USA celebrates the legacy of Stephen Antonakos with «Form, Color, Space»

Greece in USA celebrates the legacy of Stephen Antonakos with «Form, Color, Space»

Stephen Antonakos’ exhibition «FORM COLOR SPACE» curated by Greek curator Lola Siena Koutoudi opens this Thursday, February 24, from 6-8pm at the FIAF / French Institute Alliance Française

Greece in USA’s founding director Dr. Sozita Goudouna who fostered the dialogue for the organization of this exhibition by Ms Koutoudi, moderates a discussion on the work of the notable artist with art writer and editor David Ebony and Naomi S. Antonakos, Director of Stephen Antonakos Studio LLC.

«Essentially a classicist in the Constructivist tradition, Antonakos has revealed the poetry of neon.» – Irving Sandler, Art Historian, NY, 2009

Stephen Antonakos (1926-2013) called his work «real things in real spaces in the here and now.» There are no representations, allusions, symbols. Throughout his work, the forms, colors, and compositions are clear – but their experience in time and space is open and various. The crucial placements of his incomplete geometries allow the forms to be completed in the viewer’s imagination – to be sensed kinetically as well as visually. He considered that the viewer’s experience was what completed a work of art.

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