Wale Shoots Down Diddy Rumors Of Violence

Wale Shoots Down Diddy Rumors Of Violence

Wale Shoots Down Diddy Rumors Of Violence

Yo, check this out! So, Wale’s been caught up in this wild Cassie / Diddy stuff. The digital streets are saying Diddy was out here dangling him over a balcony, because he was working with Cassie against Diddy’s wishes. Wale was not here for the BS.

He said that idea is straight-up fakery. They charge it was a former collaborator-turned-hater that decided to cook up this wild rumor for likes. The new rumor is he watched the classic Robert Townsend movie “The Five Heartbeats” before his went on the internet. According to Wale, he has never even met Cassie, which seems odd. But, everybody does not meet everybody in the music game. And check this, they ain’t never even been in the same room as the folks they’re talking about. Ultimately, he chalked this up to “the slow demise of authentic journalism.” I guess you can put it next to Hip-Hop since they sent a statement to somebody other than AllHipHop. Anyway, I digress.

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Wale’s crew is now threatening sites with legal action if they keep reporting this foolishness.

By the way, if you have never seen “The Five Heartbeats,” do that. Big Red was my dude back in the day.

Ant Glizzy, the dude who made the video, has some sort of beef with Wale. He’s been real clear about that, but why? Seems like he may have issues with Shy Glizzy too. Jeez! I wish people would stop with the blatant cappin’ in media.

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